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    The strategy is to bet on corners in the breaks of football matches. Not in all matches it is given in a line in this office, but on the contrary, only in a few, and their choice does not lend itself to any logic (i.e. can give a corner in live to the match of the unknown championship, and not give to the most prestigious world Championships). Therefore, the main difficulty of this system is that you need to periodically look into the live line and see what matches this time this bet is given. And not every day there is a suitable situation for betting on this System.The feature that is used in this System has been seen in the bookmaker 188Bet. Therefore, you need to have an account and the ability to put in this office. Sometimes (but not always) Bet365 also puts odds and totals suitable for bets on this System. Most likely, other Asian offices also have this loophole.The principle of placing such totals at 188Bet is quite formulaic: half of the match total is taken and added to the current number of corners. And this is the main mistake that we will mercilessly exploit. Before match totals are usually equal to 10 to 12. So, the total in the break will be from +5 to +6 (most often +5.5) to the current number of corners, no matter how many of them were filed in the first half: if none, then we will have a total of 5.5, if 15, then we will have a total of 20.5…

    That is, the real nature of the game when placing these numbers bookmaker does not take into account. Logic is beginning to emerge, isn’t it?But if in the case of a small number of corners is not so simple: the team can be activated in the second half, one accidentally earned corner can “generate” in the process of his draw a few more, etc., on the contrary, an excessively large number of them more subject to coherent logic.In fact, if the team for the half filed significantly more than five corners, if there are no visible prerequisites to the fact that the nature of the game will change in the second half, why they should not submit at least six more? Not always, but in 75% of cases –it is enough for us, and so far it is happening.Studies have shown that the System works best under the following conditions: in the first half, both teams in the amount should be filed at least 9 corners.The number of corners each team should be roughly equal and not differ more than twice (for example, if the angular score of 10-1 in the case is not suitable, 6-3 or 8-4 – these are extreme cases suitable for us, and it is still highly undesirable that the team that leads in the score, led with such an advantage and on the corner. Ideal cases are 5-5, 5-6, 6-5, etc.).The match must remain intrigue, that is, the score must be a draw, or one of the teams must lead in the score of no more than one ball. The only exception may be the return Cup matches: there is already need to focus on the overall score at the end of the two meetings to determine whether there is still something to fight for each of the teams, and that the only goal from one side did not make the prospects of the other team to continue the fight ghostly. For example, if the first match, which took place on the field of team A, ended with the victory of team B (then guests, today’s hosts) with the score 3: 2, then, perhaps, even the score 0: 0 after the first half will not be sufficient to count on an active attacking game of both teams in the second half (which is the key to a large number of corners for us), because team A can accept the fate that she did not score the necessary two goals, long before the end of the match, and team B, scoring one ball, and at all terminally will bury intrigue, and this may happen already in the early second halftime. But the score 2: 2 in the same situation will provide us with a lot of fun, as the goal of any of the parties does not make the opponent’s position hopeless. Also, exceptions can be Championships like the British, where both teams play in full force to the end, regardless of the score.Teams must play in equal teams, i.e. in equal teams. no deletions, or with the same number of deleted players.Total during the break of the match should be no more than +5.5 to the current number of corners.The coefficient on total more-not below 1.75.

    Example: the score of the first half is 1: 1, the score of corners is 5-6, the total of corners in the break is 16.5, the coefficient on the total is more than 1.90-this is exactly what we need!Basically, that’s all. But you can further improve the efficiency of the system, if you act on the following algorithm: A)Looking for 10 minutes before the end of the first half in the line live matches, serving 6 or more angular, in compliance with the requirements of paragraphs 2-4.B) Find a live video broadcast of the match. Link: video broadcast. Some bookmakers, such as Bwin, Bet365, Betfair, the same 188Bet show some matches directly on their websites, although some broadcasts may not be available for some regions.C) Turn on the match and look for the nature of the game. We need to ensure that neither team has an overwhelming playing advantage, that both teams attack with about the same enthusiasm, preferably with flanks or with the use of top casts in the penalty area, with a minimum of positional struggle in the middle of the field, and at speeds above average. All these are excellent prerequisites for the emergence of a large number of corners.If during the viewed time at the end of the first half the game did not make the impression described above, and there were practically no situations for corners, then it is better to refuse this match, no matter how many corners were filed before. The more evenly there are situations for the corners, the more likely that our total will be broken.D) If the situation is favorable, and comply with paragraphs 1-6 – put immediately after the whistle on the break total more corners!
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