Download HighWayPro - Ultimate URL Shortener & Link Cloaker for WordPress [WP]

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    HighWayPro - Ultimate URL Shortener & Link Cloaker for WordPress


    HighWayPro is the ultimate URL shortener & link cloaker for WordPress. Innovative user interface, powerful targeting options, automated link insertion, advanced analytics & more!
    -Your links, under your control
    -Store your links in one place, use them everywhere.
    -7 Condition Types: From country of origin to device used, send your traffic to different destinations
    -Advanced Analytics: Analyze who, where and how clicked on your links.
    -Automatic link insertion: Insert links into existing posts with the click of a button!
    -Track your social media traffic by creating and setting a short URL for every post, automatically!
    -Gorgeous Dashboard: Create URLs, view stats and more easily with the API-powered HighWayPro Dashboard

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