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    WordPress Form Builder - Green Forms

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    Introducing the most powerful and fastest WordPress form builder on the market. With Green Forms for WordPress you can create multi-purpose nice looking forms which perfectly match design of your website. You can adjust almost everything: from fonts, colors, shadows, etc. to conditional behavior, math expressions and integrations with marketing, newsletter and CRM systems. Each form can be easily embedded into posts/pages/sidebars/etc. as a regular form or as a popup – plugin comes with its own Gutenberg block, shortcode and widget. Moreover you you can embed forms into any 3rd party webpage (even non-WordPress, even located on other domain) – all you need is just copy-paste couple JS/HTML-snippets.

    We also paid special attention to performance optimization. You can disable the assets that are not required for the current project, so the plugin doesn’t load unnecessary JS and CSS files (like others do). Moreover, it has native caching system to reduce server loads (server doesn’t need build the form each time it’s displayed). As a result, the plugin almost doesn’t affect on Google PageSpeed Insights score.

    • Drag-n-drop form builder. Create forms with easy-to-use drag and drop Form Builder. No coding knowledge is needed.
    • Over 20 form elements. Plugin has everything that is needed to create special forms. No limits for your imagination.
    • Full grid system. Create complex layouts with a one of a kind drag and drop grid system. Includes unlimited column nesting.
    • Built-in anti-spam. No need for captcha or reCaptcha with new technology anti-spam built into Green Forms.
    • Form styling. Easily style any element of your form with overall styling settings. Tons of options for any needs.
    • Native themes. Plugin goes with pre-defined native themes for any needs.
    • Built-in Theme Manager. Create and manage custom form themes.
    • Multi-step forms. Break your complex form into several steps for better user experience. It’s easy.
    • Conditional logic. Perform actions on form fields, confirmations, notifications, etc. based on user input and selection.
    • Math expressions. Perform powerful real-time Math expressions based on user input and selection.
    • Payment forms. Request users to pay money and perform action after successful payment. Green Forms has integration with PayPal.
    • Interactive forms. Forms can interact with users by displaying the users input in real-time.
    • Email notifications. Send custom email notifications and user confirmation emails. Use conditional logic, if needed.
    • 3rd party integrations. Automatically submit user input and selection to popular CRM, marketing and newsletter services.
    • HTML form integration. Automatically submit user input and selection to 3rd party HTML-forms given by your service provider.
    • 3rd party MySQL database. Automatically INSERT user input and selection into 3rd party MySQL database/table.
    • Custom GET/POST-requests. Automatically send user input and selection to 3rd party URL using GET/POST-requests.
    • Popup mode. Raise a form as a popup by clicking any element: button, link, menu item, etc.
    • Remote use. Easily embed any form into 3rd party sites (just copy-paste couple JS/HTML-snippets).
    • Form stats. Stats of form views, submissions, confirmations and payments for any form for any period.
    • Field analytics. A set of submitted data can be represented in a convenient way, such as bar charts.
    • Pre-populate fields. Do it with dynamic data from URL or by setting static default values.
    • Confirmation system logic. Show confirmations based on user input and selection.
    • User input filtering. Use optional filters to strip unwanted submitted data.
    • Performance optimized. Plugin is well optimized for better performance.
    • Google Analytics event tracker. Track form submission events.
    • Zero Programming. No coding knowledge is needed to use Green Forms.
    • Fully responsive. Forms look nice on any devices.
    • Unlimited notifications. Unlimited emails can be sent from a single submission.
    • Conditional logic on notifications. Send emails based on user input and selection.
    • Field validation. Validate user input using 14 built-in validators.
    • Custom error messages. Show custom error bubble based on validation result.
    • Google Fonts. Use hundreds fonts to customize form elements.
    • 1500 icons. Green Forms works with latest Font Awesome pack.
    • RTL support. Green Forms works with RTL sites.
    • Support. We are ready to help you as fast as possible.
    • Documentation. Green Forms is well documented.
    • Ajax-powered. Forms are submitted without any page refreshing.
    • Integration with CRM/marketing tools. Green Forms works with 31 providers: Acelle Mail, ActiveCampaign, ActiveTrail, AgileCRM, AvangEmail, AWeber, BirdSend, Campaign Monitor, CleverReach, Conversio, FreshMail, GetResponse, HubSpot, Jetpack Subscriptions, Mad Mimi, Mailautic, MailChimp, MailerLite, Mailjet, MailPoet, Mailster, MailWizz, Moosend, Mumara, Omnisend, Ontraport, Rapidmail, SalesAutoPilot, Sendy, Zapier, Zoho CRM.
    • Conditional logic on integrations. Perform integrations based on user input and selection.
    • Integration with payment providers. Green Forms works PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Blockchain, Mollie, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Paystack and InterKassa.
    • Integration with SMS gateways. Green Forms works BulkSend, GatewayAPI, Nexmo.
    • Double opt-in. Request users to confirm email addresses.
    • Sensitive data saving. Decide which user data must be saved in database.
    • Export/import forms. Easily move forms between different installations.
    • Duplicate forms. Easily create a copy of exiting form.
    • Custom CSS and classes. Add them to any form elements.
    • Custom JS handlers. Execute custom JavaScript code when form initialized or successfully submitted.
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